DiCrespo was born from the need of two life friends… friends like mine..friends like yours.

Friends who come from many different points, but that basically share the same nostalgia for those golden years of childhood and youth with family and friends in the "neighborhood" .

DiCrespo wants to honor those years. The moments we played in the streets with our friends, and we got together on a Sunday around a large table with "family".

For these friends, those moments were lived in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, in Buenos Aires, a typical neighborhood of immigrants who came to work hard and prosper in the new world. Hence the "di or Crespo" DiCrespo.

Now, we are the immigrants in this land. However, the goal remains the same, rediscover our values received during those years, respect for the family and the value of friendship.

In these days and in this city, where everything seems to go so fast and we do not have time for anything, DiCrespo wants to propose that break, provide that space, the "corner bar" where you were with your friend or friends to speak for fifteen minutes or for hours about everything and nothing.

We want you to take the time to enjoy a coffee or eat an “empanada”, or a flavourful “asado”, drink a glass of wine, or sip on an icy Coca Cola, all in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere, where there is always a smile or a story to be told.

DiCrespo, your meeting place.

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